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Silvery Wind [WIND] is looking for... captains!

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Hello there,

I was tasked by our glorious leader to create this post over here so here I am:


Whom we are: we are World of Warships division of small community of friends also known as Shining Gale, we have discord and some other divisions in different games.


Whom we are looking for: people wanting to have some FUN together and also people wishing to deploy with us onto next clan battles season in totally-serious-no-sarkasm-intended full IJN deployment. 'cause glorious nippon steel folded over 9000 times, and that's why.


if we get 'nuff people we can also consider deploying more meme comps. for greater fun of more people.


what we can offer: outside of some fun, memes, discord-based voice chat during clan divs/clan wars we can offer some bonuses from our humble Naval base, which at the moment of writing of this post are:

-10% discount on tier 5, 6 and 7 silverships


we are working on more but more people working on it would help alot ;)


what do we require: some minimal sense of humour, a lil tad bit of maturity perhaps, and at least some activity around those clan battles seasons so we can at least - if nothing else - have consistent deployments there ;)


interested? contact me on forums or in-game or Hadraniel in-game, or just respond to this thread ;)


Best Regards and see ya guys on the high seas ^-^


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