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Question about the Space 'Skins'

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Firstly, I want to apologise if this has been answered elsewhere, If such is the case, Mods feel free to lock / close this and refer me to that info :).


I went into the premium shop just to check what the latest toys and gizmos are (I dont really play the game to often but, I usually check Wot / WoWS premium stores most days for new stuff). And i noticed some space skins that are like, Quite expensive. Horribly expensive infact, 


So up to now, Ive always thought the likes of the ARP ships and such were absolute eye soars and just looked horrendeous, same with any non realistic camo / ship, Just, Eugh, Hate it with a passion, And these space things are equally repulsive to me, I know there is a button somewhere in the setting that disabled the visuals of the ARP ship, But, Will this disabling of the visuals work for these space skins too? I would have assumed Yes but the high price of them makes it a possibility to me they wont be (People wanting to show off their shiny new skins and such).


TL : DR - Is it possible to turn off seeing the space skins on other players ship, They look awful.

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Yes, via the cogwheel in port.





(Old pic but it still does the job.)

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