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how to start a space battle

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I really want to start a space battle but i can't. It says is not suitable in space, i have a Wyoming IV25Udklip.thumb.PNG.0809fa376877b75b22b155f4405fdb73.PNG

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You need spaceships to play spacebattles. To get the spaceships, you need to:



Spaceships and their commanders are credited to players' accounts after completing a simple mission.
- If you win a battle on a Tier VI-X cruiser, four ships will arrive in your account—Galaxy, Aurora, Norma, and Zaya.
- For victory on a Tier VI-X destroyer, you'll receive Blue Aster and FlyFire.
- The mighty Alldestroyer, beautiful Paris and elegant Hellcarrier will become available if you win on a Tier VI-X Battleship or Aircraft Carrier correspondingly.


So you need to win a battle with regular ship of tier 6 and up to get a spaceship. As you have no tier 6 ships, you can't get spaceships and thus you can't play spacebattles.

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44 minutes ago, TGD_2016 said:

Wow really, i was just so exciting to try this 


What is the problem?


Take an arbitrary tier6 to tier10 BB and play a Coop or Scenario battle. You didn't even need to win this! Then you will get the two Space BB!

Repeat this with a cruiser and get your space cruisers. Do it with a DD too. Not to mention a CV.


You do not need to play random.


Then you have all your desired space ships! Enjoy your space battles!



Ok, now I see the problem... you do not even own a tier6.



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