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Looking for a clan

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we are friendly


ANV (Acta Non Verba – Actions Not Words)

[ANV] Is a clan composed of sensible and lunatic players some purple players, and players all across the skill range, not to mention some that are just plain insane.

We participate in clan wars, scenarios and other general in-game silliness, generally a good bunch of players male and female who are fond of having a laugh and of the ‘more mature’ variety although you often wouldn’t think so when you listen to the shenanigans in chat.

Inclusion in TS is a pre-requisite but not ALL the time you are in game, we appreciate that sometimes one just needs to fly solo. Simply drop in to TS at  *london2.teamspeak.net:17632*  and say hello, we have no formal joining process, simply turn up and introduce yourself and we will take it from there.
There are currently no compulsory training times or hard set rules and none of this ‘’you must turn up then and for x amount of time’’ casual is the name of the game.

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Are you our next recruit?


Kongou`s Tea Time is a community clan, with members from all over Europe. Everyone is welcome (even those who do not drink tea)!


The clan started in the early days of 2017, with a group of players from all over Europe. One day we figured out, why not start a clan? And that’s when it all started. We soon grew, and we currently have 40 players (04.04.2018). We are allied with three other clans (Pravda, AKI and FoF), and have plenty of people in our community that’s not a part of the clan (Over a 100 players). We also have trainings, and other social events from time to time. We use Discord as our main service for communication, and it works great! The community there is rather large and active, so there is always someone to play and chat with. Kantai Collection accounts are welcome, although it is not mandatory, of course ;)


Our small and easy requirements:


·         Have Discord

·         Respect each other. It’s a multicultural community with different mindsets and backgrounds.

·         16+

·         Speak English, and take part in a normal conversation.

·         At least two tier Vs.

·         A desire to play well, but in a relaxed atmosphere.

·         Have a sense of humour, either good or bad (We cannot require good humour, as our admins humour sucks).


These requirements may change without notice.


If you are interested, PM me, contact me on Discord or post below. My Discord tag is Dewam#5317


The recruit process goes like this:

1. You contact Dewam on the forum, or directly on Discord (if you contact me on the forum, you will get directed to Discord anyways).

2. You join our server, and gain the "Undergoing Sea Trials" role.

3. You play some battles with the recruiter (thats what we like to call the Sea Trials).

4. If you fulfill the requirements, you will get added to the in-game clan, and gain the role "Seaman" (This role gives access to all the necessarry rooms on our server).

5. Profit?


Remember to check out our website for more information and link to our Discord server! https://casadelamare.ro/

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