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Solo Elite Global Gaming Clan (=S*E=)

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Solo Elite (=S*E=) is a global PC gaming clan which was founded in 1999. The goal then was to recruit the worlds top pilots and make them even better!

We have since expanded our operation and are now active in the leading games of the modern generation. Our main genre of games today is First Person Shooters, however, we continue to be involved in Flight Simulation and MMO's. Solo Elite continues to operate based on its traditional founding values: Dedication, Loyalty and Trust. We have proven that this is the best way to maintain a fun, relaxed and competitive online gaming experience for all!


Solo Elite operates a minimum age policy.  At present, we only accept applications from members who are at least 16 years of age. You can apply for membership by submitting an application form on our website.

If approved, the candidate must serve a minimum of a 1 month trial followed by a 2 month cadet-ship wearing =ScE= tags. At the end of each probation period, a vote will be held to determine if you can progress to become a full member. If successful, the candidate will be awarded with their full Solo Elite membership tags: =S*E=.

Membership Conduct

We ask very little from members; all we want is for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. What we do expect however, is that all Solo Elite members conduct themselves in a professional manner when representing the team. Our members are our brand; how you act on public gaming servers effects the team as a whole. In order to maintain our well respected and positive reputation, we will continue to ensure that Solo Elite remains an enjoyable place to be and free of cheaters, exploiters and hackers!


With all this being said Solo Elite is looking for new and experienced players to help us further formulate a larger and competitive World of Warships team but also to play the game for fun among other members/friends. New and expierenced members are both equally greatly welcomed as we have multiple members who range throughout the different tier levels. If you're interested in applying into joining our great clan/community please do not hesitate by clicking the link the below which will direct you straight to the application. If anyone has any questions do not hesitate to ask. 


Thank you, 

=S*E= MassRanger.   

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