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Wows crashing with Duet Display installed?

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Hi everyone :Smile_Default: i just had some weird stuff going on with WOWs yesterday and today.
I never had problems with the client, running smoothly without never crashing from the first time I installed it. Yesterday I decided to give a try to Duet Display App and everything worked fine, as intended. 
Until i tried to start and play WOWs, then launcher was able to start and check for updates but when starting, the game crashed multiple times as i tried. I immediatley ran  an integrity check that went all fine but the game won't start anyway. I decided then to reistall game from the beginning so this morning I completed the reinstallation (no backup files :etc_swear:) and after 30GB of download files the game still won't start. Thinking about what I've done previous to the crashing I tried uninstalling Duet Display and suddenly the game started without issues. So, this led me here.


Does anyone have an idea  why this has happened? is this something fixable?
Obviously it is a bit annoying having to reinstal duet application everytime i need it and if there are possible fixes to have both installed and working at the same time would be usefull ^^ 
I saved crash report if needed but i don't have a screenshot of the error, although i think i can obtain the screenshot if needed simply installing the duet app again.


Big thanks to anyone who will help to solve the problem ^^

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