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[TPG] The Press Gang


TPG is an alternative clan whose sole purpose is uniting players with a strong interest in self-improvement and naval history above all else. That said, we do require a certain level of competency so those who don't know their Ibs from their Fathoms or their overmatch from autobounce need not apply. Those who do, however, will find an active, friendly and useful community of fellow players who are always willing to offer guidance, critique and assistance. We also plan on running history-inspired events and ongoing partnerships with clans who share our interest. Our server also has memes channels.



What we can offer:

- A strong, active community of like-minded players 

- The most honest, non-biased and factual game-play critiques you're going to find in this community

- Opportunity of divisioning for Random Grinding or Operations

- 1v1 Training for any level and class

- Friendly discord server with a lot of varying content and contributors

- Clan specific events based on history as well as future partnerships to foster this effort

- Understanding and guidance on game-play in general



What you need to offer:

-A genuine, tangible interest in history and naval warfare. We will know if it's not.

-The desire to improve is strongly considered.

-Ownership of tier X ships is not mandatory, but still favourable.

-18+ years of age

-Strong English or German language skills

-Discord and Voice capability -Minimum of 1,000 Random battles.

-Ability to participate with clan mates in game or on discord at least once a week.

-Thick skinned. You will be criticised for bad play or conscious and on-going failure to take advice on board.


Please reply to this topic if this is of interest, and we look forward to drilling you for battle!

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