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Suggestion: Componified Camo

Componfied Camos? (If feedback to improve poll will add).  

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  1. 1. Do you like the idea of component-based camos as presented?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Indifferent/Feedback given
  2. 2. Would this be beneficial and fair to players?

  3. 3. Would this be beneficial and fair to WG

  4. 4. Would this improve WoWs, if the extended ideas were developed upon?

  5. 5. Would you buy more camos if they were componified?

  6. 6. Poll too long?

    • Fly off.
    • Eat shine and dive in a hole.
    • No.

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Original post here;


With the recent space camos much criticism of their price was had.


My view of the problem is that they bundled two components, the 5000 doubloon worth premium economic camo, and 3000 doubloon worth space vanity, into an unappealing package of a hefty 8000 doubloons.


This would have been an especially bad deal for those with other permanent camos for the same ship already providing the economic benefits.


Thus my tentative solution to primarily address this issue, is to focus on the already paying customers owning a 5000 camo for whom the 8000 doubloon package would have been least worth it.


I suggest separating the camos back into their components, the 5000 economy benefits and the 3000 vanity benefits, purchasesble separately, mountable together, unifiable into a whole.


If multi-mount was possible without componifying the current camos, there would be overlapping effects, of which only the most prominent or highest potency of the same effect should be counted for balance purposes. But this does not fix the issue of repeat purchasing for same or repeated effects, which will quickly become a problem in the future if more camos are released for the same ship. 


Thus is the idea to componify camo. This will allow for maximization of mounts, while not forcing players to purchase repeat benefits. 


In essence, the entry price for the space camo will become 3000 doubloons, much more affordable and much more precise product sale than if bundled with a 5000 “base cost”. However it will not provide any of the economic benefits of the 5000 camo. Players will have to purchase the original 5000 camo separately to mount together with this 3000 camo to provide the same 8000 worth benefits as originally intended.


The primary differences are:

1. Players already owning 5000 camo will not pay for repeat benefits.

2. Players not willing or cannot afford 5000 counterpart but mainly want 3000 vanity can now purchase only that. They can still “upgrade” by completing the 5000 purchase later.


- Additinal arguments (extra possibilities and benefits:)

1. As mentioned in the original post as well, this essentially makes camos future-proof. WG can release many camos for a ship without having to worry about diminishing returns and neither will the players have to worry about repeat purchases. The “base” economic-premification camo will always be there to buy, and any future camos can be mounted on top of that as an extra “component”.

2. It allows for more gamification of camos, such as unique benefits/modifiers adhering to their theme, which may require achieving certain in-game performances such as gaining achievements to activate (Examples provided in original post), Giving WoWs more mechanics options to diversify and interconnect on. Ideas to consider is pairing it with my prior ideas on the lootboxes and “premium tokens”.

3. It may allow for better merchandising of camos, making vanity/historical/economical/fun/prestige camos not have to compete with each other. This will also allow for more precise categorization and filter options.

4. It may allow for more layers/components of camos than 2, such as a “series collection” pieces of camo for a ship, giving WoWs more long-term content and more individual progression on a ship.

5. Most importantly it allows for more precise customization and ease of life for the player.


However I must also mention a major drawback. The drawback is that WG will need to do extra work to design the function, and will have to, in the process of ensuring reverse-compatibility for earlier camos, compensate for the repeat effects loss which is a huge loss on WGs part. In essence if someone owns more than one camo providing the same premium economic benefit WG will have to compensate wih doubloons for each and every one, while removing the repeat benefits and condensing into one single “base” economic camo. Statistically this may not be a profitable move for years to come, despite the design itself being more future-friendly and expansive. The separated components of the camos will also have to be priced and a price structure created to accurately reflect their worth, be it 1000 or 3000.

An influx of more camos may also not be desired or compatible with WGs long-term objectives as scheduled. In other words there may not be that many camos necessitating future-proofing and componification after all.

Finally, there may not be that many players who care about the exact calculations of purchases (generous whales), or about improving/expanding the game.


Thus the idea will likely need to be substantially improved in all directions. But I put trust in the intellect of the community and the friendly and dedicated community-staff and the very nice devs as they put it to address this issue.


(there are additinal points in the original post such as making camos mod-friendly, or to find ways to not have to compete with (free) mods in offering the same benefits, e.g. will need more creativity and more in-game interconnected mechanics).

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It's not a bad idea, but it's revolving in-game economics, profit contra work for WG, and in-game aesthetics/vanity and in the end I don't care enough, while WG has most inside info on what they think is best for the game and in some ways for the community/playerbase.


Tldr: I don't care enough.

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Beta Tester
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Additional notes: 

(the good thing about making my own thread is I can spam additional notes as I please)


To lessen the loss of doubloon compensation for “legacy” camos:


1. Hopefully most legacy camos are not T10 so they have a base lower doubloon worth.

2. The base permanent camo for the ship is given to the player for free if they have another permanent legacy camo for the ship which has same effects of general permanent camo, but the player does not have the general permanent camo for the ship. No doubloons are refunded unless more than 1 case of legacy skin.

3. Legacy camos will be made every attempt to improve e.g. buffing relevant stats of credits earned, repair lessened, by up to 20%, or added additional economic effects such as 100% free exp or captain exp, depending on how valuable the legacy of the legacy camo is, to buff them to account for the doubloon disparity if there isn’t a general camo for that ship or if the legacy camo is already the general camo. This is to aim to buff them to the same standards as a base+layered camo combination in one.

4. Legacy non-unique camos will attempt to be buffed in relevant “premium” stats (better than mundane credits), so their current worth will reflect their cost, even after separated from their base economic layer. In this way no doubloons will need to be refunded, nor a free general camo need to be gifted.

5. Instead of doubloons, “doubloon equivalent currency” only useable for purchasing other camos will be refunded instead of base doubloons.


Additionally all non-permanent camos are regarded as layer-1 camos e.g. the 5000 base economic camo, and cannot stack with the per-ship general permanent camo. Thus any camos that can be stacked with non-permanent consumable camos will only be the aforementioned “modules” of prestige/performance-based Econ/fun/vanity camos which will generally not repeat the same buffs as the economic layer camos.


Players can choose which layer of camo to use as their skin, e.g. the topmost displayed layer. Also remember the point of showing camos in loading screen as well, as mentioned in the original post.


The basic justification for this component camo idea is that I believe business will come more easily for smaller packages, i.e. micro-transactions, since a large hefty upfront cost usually scares players. I also believe smaller but more worthy packages will sell better and more freely than forcing the player to make large, difficult decisions on very large and not-ridiculously-worth packages.

The aim is to diversify players’ investment into more ships, which means they will more likely spend more in total and overall. The current high entry costs per ship prohibit players from investing in more ships at once, thus making them like/play those ships less, thus lessening their desire to invest more into the same ship. While I understand it is core WG philosophy to generate “need through pressures scarcity”, do understand that the core player philosophy does not conveniently necessarily align with yours, and that you are a game provider in the service industry, I repeat the service industry.




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