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Visual Improvements and fixes for IJN CV's and problems with Yamamoto and more general improvements to the game

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I really like the alternative blue perma camouflages for IJN ships that you unlock with the Yamamoto collection. Great that you added it. I apreciate your work, espacially because blue is my favorite color.


But I need to pint out 2 problems I have noticed with IJN. I discovered something I would consider a bug or mistake when it comes to the Ryujo and it's perma camouflage and the diffrent hull versions of the ship, avaible as upgrades. The flight deck of the ship is only painted on the A hull and not on the B hull and C hull. So you don't get the really nice visuals on your ship with the expensive perma camo. Due to that I didn't bought it yet. I looked into the files and realized that the file for a painted flight deck on the B and C hull exists but isn't working as intended. So please look into this and see if you can fix it. Maybe check also the Hiryu, Shokaku and Taiho with their perma camouflages and diffrent hull versions. (The diffrent stats should be enough to prove that diffrent hull versions were used when looking at the perma camo)


I also am disapointed that there isn't a painted flight deck for the perma camouflage of the T10 IJN CV Hakuryu. Could you please add a painted flight deck? Maybe use the painted flight deck of the Taiho perma camo as an inspiration, because the Hakuryu is a larger Taiho (when you look into the design). I know that you maybe don't want to improve the Hakuryu's perma camo right now due to the sale of the space camo, but it would be nice for all people who bought the quite expensive T10 perma camo and supported you.


The next design thing I would like to adress is that we can have blue carriers  now, but the planes are still green. Could you give us the option to also change the color of our aircraft to green, when we have unlocked the alternative blue perma camouflage for IJN carriers? I will give you an example of a real plane, but you could also make your own fantasy blue plane camouflage. Maybe a graphic designer who wants to be creativ could do it.


Yamamoto Isoroku can provide unique abilities and turn the tide of a battle, if you can activate his skills. But he isn't any special in Operation or Clan Battles. Maybe copy his abilites and let those be activated in Operation also by certain achievements. Consider if you would like Yamamoto's unqiue skills in Clan Battles, it could make Yamato more viable in Clan Battles. But it could be to strong so maybe make unquie achivements for Clan Wars too.


I would appreciate if you could make a tutorial series for customizing the game. So you could make the first episode for all the mods that are allowed and which ones aren't. Then show people how they can change the basic looks of their ships. How they can change the camouflage pattern and change the colors for certain parts of the pattern (by changing the values in the xml file). So you could make a contest for the best playermade, customized skin of a ship and add it later to the baseic game files.




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