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looking for active, fun clan

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Hi, ive been playing a few months now, i usually play an hour or 2 a night 11pm-1/2am ish. im looking for a clan that has alot of members, and is fun.

i have just left my old clan, due to only being 3-4 members on and not a single person talking at any point.


i only have a WR of 47%  from near 800 battles, alot of that i blame on being far, far too agressive :D 


i like to have fun, my highest ships are Lyon and KGV, im just starting out learning how to play CV's (i HATE playing Cruisers) im semi decent in DD's but dont like playing them without support.


i dont use a mic as i play in bed and my wife is often sleeping when im playing, however have no problem using voice to listen.


are there any clans that like to have fun that i would fit in to? 

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