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Saving XP by not unlocking upgrades?!

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on the Wiki page for Friant, and possibly others, it says "or save the XP to unlock the next ship faster".


This is not an April Fools prank. I don't know if "saving XP" this way used to be a thing but I don't think you can't do that these days any more at least.


It is not possible to unlock a follow-up ship before researching all the upgrades. If you try, the game will just add the XP for the upgrades to the XP needed for the next ship. I didn't try it with Friant specifically, I think it was Omaha. No matter what ship though, I definitely tried it once these past few weeks and that's how it went down.


Am I right?

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You should quote the complete sentence: "After the hull, either research the Gun Fire Control System to add 10% to her gun range, or save the experience in order to unlock Duguay-Trouin faster."

There are upgrades you need and upgrades you don't need before getting the next ship.


The red paths are needed to get the next ship. The green path is optional. You can get it to make your ship better or you can just skip it to reach the next ship faster.

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It was for the now arrived french BBs. As there is no fast crew training on elite ships (contrary to taanks), the XP you won after elited a ship stays on it (unles you convert it to fre XP).


But if a new branch arrives and this ship is the starting point of it (like Friant is for BB as any T3 cruiser), you can use the XP you won earlier to directly unlock the T3 batleship

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