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"Chase them to the end of this frozen land" 
- Katyusha, Commander of Pravda Girls High School -



looking for a casual anime based clan, mainly revolving around Girls und Panzer and Kantai Collection, and possibly stomping out heretics?
Don't hesitate and take the bait!


-About Us-


Greeting, comrades!

We, Pravda Kantai, are a large community based around anime like Kantai Collection, Girls und Panzer, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Haifuri, etc.
We came forth from the World of Tanks Pravda clan, which has been established a long time ago. Now we decided to open up to other parts of the entire gaming world!
Our members are people from all around the globe. Wherever you are from, we are sure it will be daijoubu! 
This clan is for casual players, just meant to have fun playing in divisions and find new people to play other games with.
Even if you are not interested in joining the clan, don't be afraid to join our discord anyway, we are happy to play any game with people who are not affiliated with us.




- Obviously our clan is based around anime, bashing anime in any form what so ever, will not be appreciated at all.
- Be open minded. Our community is quite large so we have a lot of different mindsets too, racism and sexism, etc. will result in bans.
-if you just want to join to hang out and have some fun, then joining is not a problem, but if you are interested in doing CW as we are semi-interested, having a t10(non cv), rental t10, or being close to the rental t10 is great( if you don't have required ship tier, we'll help you grind to the tier needed to get rentals)

-we encourage activity on the discord server as it shows us you enjoy being here
- You are required to join the clan discord. Just click this link to join!-> https://discord.gg/k3EeJZj




Messaging me on discord (duoinvasion#2746) is the fastest way of reaching me with questions.

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