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Is reflected damage healable?

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For obvious reasons I can't test this ingame, but is the damage you receive for damaging teammates while being pink healable?

If yes, to what extent? 100% like fire damage or less, like citadel hits? Or does it depend on the kind of teamdamage you dealt?

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How to test it:

  • Find someone pink
  • In a training room he still should be unable to dmg allies and receive reflection dmg, right?

Never thought of this, I'm legit curious now :Smile_teethhappy:


My 1st guess would be - it's the same kind of dmg as you are doing, so the same repair rules would apply. But then the question would be - your ships or "target" ships rules - as healing tends to differ a lot (like 50 / 60 % pen dmg)


Almost feel like going pink just to test it :Smile_trollface:

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