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Raptor Rescue- Haoto

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Posting for everyone's info. I recently completed the Raptor Rescue scenario (that's not unusual obviously!) but the secondary objective for killing the carrier Haoto did NOT trigger even though it clearly died. Hopefully the files I've uploaded are visible- the replay clearly shows it (with about 12:40 left on the clock), there's a screenshot with the kill notification and then there's the missing star saying it never happened.


The issue seems to be that the objective does not appear when the carrier spawns, it's a good while after that. Point being, if you kill the carrier too early you get nothing.


I raised a support ticket to ask about this (had 5th star already, just making the team aware of the bug to be helpful) and was told that the carrier did not spawn. The notification on my screenshot does not exist, the carrier shown in the replay does not exist and I cannot possibly have spotted the carrier. Honestly, I don't care so much about that- what I do care about are 2 things:


 - 1stly the attitude of the support team- I was very friendly and polite the whole time, as I really am just trying to be helpful by raising this. Being told I'm wrong when clearly I'm not is unhelpful- one of the support guys even told me he agreed but his colleagues decided we're both wrong.

 - 2ndly I want the bug to be fixed, because bugs are bad, obviously.


The final response I got on the ticket (which I can no longer reopen) is below. I'm posting this here to make other players aware to avoid having the same problem and, ideally, the mods/devs too so that the bug can get sorted. Because all I ever wanted was to help get it fixed.


     The CV's need to be spotted, before they are destroyed. While blind firing is acceptable, as in withering down the target, it should be registered by a spot before it is sunk.
     As for the target verification, there have been many incidents which lead to allied sinking:


That's the 3rd time I was told it didn't happen. Fair play to the 1st line support guy who owned up to missing it 1st time. I feel obliged to mention that I work in 2nd line support myself, so know a little about how to deal with similar situations...this isn't it. Anyway got a bit ranty, not here to complain, even if the wiki link is a bit of a slap in the face- WG please fix the bug!


Apothecary Terry


P.S. Bit longer than I intended...oops.




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