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Battle of Cape Matapan and Operation Chariot

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Just as a reminder, today marks 76 years since the HMS Campbeltown was used to breach the dry dock gate at Saint nazaire, effectively ending the threat of a German heavy surface raider ever sailing into the Atlantic.



Today also marks 77 years since the Battle of Cape Matapan, where during a daylight action torpedo bombers from HMS Formidable showed how the naval war will look in the future, damaging battleship Vittorio Veneto and stopping heavy cruiser Pola dead in the water.

Veneto_guns_at_Gaudos.jpg Bolzano_under_air_torpedo_attack.jpg 

After dark, Pola's sister ships Zara and Fiume and accompanying destroyers were detected by British radars and caught at point blank range by broadsides from three battleships, with Pola being boarded by British sailors, stripped of her 20mm  and then scuttled.

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