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Features that never made it to the game nr.381/s2

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Since I woke up not long ago and it's evening already I decided to waste some more time on forum posts since I didn't do that in a long time and have nothing better to do anyway atm.


So straight to the point - you probably remember kamikaze R event where you could obtain tokens that later could be spent for either different rewards like camos, signal flags, unique modules or wait until you had enough for Kamikaze R. Now this event was time limited and required different approach to it than what I have in mind which is simpler and more enjoyable with no time limitations and it is as follows:


Every time player reaches a milestone(xp earned, damage done etc) will be awarded with certain amount of tokens that could later be exchanged for rewards or kept for some big reward like Kamikaze R was. Those are just 5 that I could think of at the moment:


-Base XP

-Damage done


-Planes shoot down(since it's a year of cv)

-Damage upon your spotting


Setting milestones to lets say 10k base xp or 1mil damage done would favour high tiers sure but at the same time starting this at tier 5 and up would allow new players or those who grind ships to participate as well unlike campaigns. And all that with no time limit and repeatable challenges of course. As for rewards it could be something uncommon like halloween camouflages.



Posted in gameplay - I think it's the most fitting place.

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