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Clan Battles season two in review

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Disclaimer: This post contains my personal opinion only and is in no way representative of KKTM's official position. 


Hello all,


with a coupleof weeks left to fight I know it may be early to discuss season two. However, since changes are unlikely to occur and my personal results are set in stone I would like to both provide a player's feedback, as well as open the topic to discussion. 


The Good:

- the short break: As someone who gives a flying duck (;)) about ranked, the relatively short intermission between the first two seasons was much appreciated. Since I have never had more fun playing this game than in this mode, enabling me to play it more was great. 

- the meta changes: Over the last two sessions TTT handed us our behinds two times with their dual Yueyang setup. Throughout the season we have seen different metas and strategies which kept the game fresh.

- The introduction of Hurricane: This seperates good from great and makes playing in the higher typhoon leagues both more challenging and rewarding. I had the pleasure to play against top clans in UFR and TTT and greatly enjoyed it.


The Bad:

- Map changes: On both Mountain range and Tears of the Desert the placement of caps greatly limits team movement. Often times the center of the map is hardly accessible to dds due to close proximity of cover on both teams' sides which forces plays over the flanks or risky/cautious play in the centre. I would prefer a little more open maps that would allow for greater strategic variety and make spotting more crucial/rewarding and maybe even more challenging. 

- Reward reduction: This one mostly applies to typhoon, but 10 camos for 15 wins is rather cheap, despite mosaic being nothing short of amazing. The dubloon reduction is fine as there is still a month of premium time to be gained. Being that there are special modules and a lot of players do not own, say,  another radar mod, maybe awarding an additional super container per league completed would be an idea as well.

- Dropping Sea of Fortune: SoF is as far as I'm concerned the best competitive map this game has ever had. It has no free caps, requires excellent communication and rewards good plays a lot. If a team takes a/b they are putting themselves into a great position, pulling that off is very demanding though. This is how a competitive map should work. Otherwise you may have the situation that one team free caps a few seconds sooner and just needs to keep the third neutral to choke the enemy out. Dropping SoF was a bad move. 


The Ugly:

- Sleeping Giant: This map gets the axe from me for two reasons. 

1. It was introduced along with the second season and thus caught many off guard. Add to that the fact that the map is skeewed in the southern teams' favour and you really add a lot of frustration  (spend hours until 2 in the morning on a Wednesday with some of my commanders discussing potential strats). Please release maps before the season and keep yourself the opportunity to change those. 

2. The A cap. Being that, once again, both teams get a free cap, this one decides the game. The design, however, doesn't really reward the best coordination, but simply comes down to a "rush A c*ka bl*at!" yolo charge. This also makes one side of the map very static, as the island on the 1/2 line prevents dds from proper torping. Add to that that a dd from north will savely spot a Des Moines hugging the large island in south, but a dd coming from south will have to enter the northern's radar range and you have a mess that isn't fun to play. 


Again, these are just my 2c. Feel free to add your thoughts. 

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Here are the links for the original news articles so you can compare the rewards:



Not much to comment on this season yet, but personally I do miss the Sea of Fortune as well.



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