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Found a great video on how to aim

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I wanted to share an excellent video that I just found. And after playing just few games... I think my damage improved by double. Enjoy new players!



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Men, Notser. Well, whatever floats your boat.



I personally prefer static - there are almost no cases when you will (or rather when you need) zoom out away from max range -> and when you do, target is so close that it just doesn't matter anymore.


Also Static has different kinds of crosshairs you can select - and the one with angled lines (Type 7 or something like that) is so so helpful while using the spotting aircraft.


Also what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. I just have whole bunch of numbers and correlations "memorized". Examples would be like

  • CA -> not FR -> 7s -> broadside -> 12 lead
  • BB -> not KM 7+  / FR 8+ / US 8+ -> 5s -> broadside -> 5 lead
  • DD -> 10s -> don't even bother
  • BB -> Iowa -> 8s -> slightly angled -> 8 lead broadside, take 1 off

And so on. Works like a charm for me


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That 1 tick per shell flight time for 30 knots just doesn't work that well when wanting to know where you're going to hit...


4s flight time, 20 knot target= shells hitting 5 tick mark.



3½s flight time, 38 knot target= shells hitting 11-12 ticks mark:



5s flight time for fair 30 knot target= shells hitting 7-8 tick mark:



4s flight time for heavily incoming target= shells still hitting around 5 ticks mark:



4s flight time, 30 knot target = shells hit tick mark ~7:



It certainly is better than random firing without any memory rules, but myself can't really hit well with dynamic crosshair after learning with static crosshair in closed beta.

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