There has been a lot of complaining about CB MM so here are a few observations:   ADRIA is in Typhoon, use that as a reference for comparing to enemies Queue time of 30s or less - enemy ALWAYS is Typhoon Queue time o 30 to 60s - almost always enemy is either Storm (gold) or Hurricane, with very rare Typhoon drops Queue time of over 60s - (about 70....72s in this one case) the only Gale (silver) team we've met.     So what can you draw from that is - most likely if you never stay in queue for more than 30s you should never meet enemies outside your League.   What is inconclusive is if it goes "a full league every 30s" (more likely according to observations) or "one division every 10s" (less likely according to observations) and if the enemy teams queue time matters (I do think it does matter on both ends).   And yeah, if the trend keeps going as it is - after waiting 2 full minutes in the queue Hurricane might be able to meet Bronze