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Any friendly clans out there for teamwork

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Basically I have been a solo player for the 700ish battles i've played.


i've got a 46-47% winrate and I'm looking to team up and increase this, I'm a DD and CA player, many premiums, couple tier IX's and one tier X (Mino)


I play almost everyday except when I'm working nights for my shift pattern changes between days and nights.


I'm from Cornwall in England, very laid back and looking to put more hours into the game with some likeminded people


My in game name is DeadPlate.


Cheers guys

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Hi Deadplate,


I'm not Cornish but live in Portreath.

I have a friendly clan that always have people in discord for divs. We do take Clan Battles seriously though. That being said, you can't have a clan full of competitive players. We have many players that simply like the social side.


I'll PM our Discord if you fancy coming in and saying hello to the lads.





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Hi Deadplate

SOS is a friendly and mature clan. Most of our players are UK based with a few international players. On Clan battles nights quite a few are focused on that but there is also plenty of teaming up for divisions, scenarios etc. We use Teamspeak in game. If you would like to know more contact me here or in game, thanks!

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Ahoy Matey

ANV (Acta Non Verba – Actions Not Words)

Is a clan composed of sensible and lunatic players some purple players, and players all across the skill range, not to mention some that are just plain insane.

We participate in clan wars, scenarios and other general in-game silliness, generally a good bunch of players male and female who are fond of having a laugh and of the ‘more mature’ variety although you often wouldn’t think so when you listen to the shenanigans in chat.

Inclusion in TS is a pre-requisite but not ALL the time you are in game, we appreciate that sometimes one just needs to fly solo.

Simply drop in to TS at  *london2.teamspeak.net:17632*  and say hello, we have no formal joining process, simply turn up and introduce yourself and we will take it from there.

There are currently no compulsory training times or hard set rules and none of this ‘’you must turn up then and for x amount of time’’ casual is the name of the game. We would prefer you to have one tier 10 ship, failing that be on tier 7/8 and actively working towards greater tiers.

In return we offer on inclusion into the clan, rewards and clan bonuses and perks as follows.


·         -10% to servicing costs of Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Aircraft Carriers

·         -10% to the cost of researched ships of tiers V,VI,VII and VIII

·         +3% XP Battle bonuses on German, British, Pan-Asian, Japanese, American, USSR and French

·         Casual Division games

·         Participation in Scenarios and resulting mission completion rewards

·         An active clan that plays games across multiple disciplines and games.

·         Friendly matches with other clans out of Clan Wars season.


Our Grand Negis (Commander) goes by the name of Doomsday2 while we have 2 assistant commanders Nephilim and myself Guns_Donovan.

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