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Request for the World of Warships Managers and Devs regarding Replays

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Hi Wargaming.


I think I am not alone in using the "unsupported" replay-function in the game.


My request/wish is as follows.

1. Give the replay function a bit more of your time, energy and focus to make it stable and possibly supportable.

2. Make the replay function part of the in game menu's

3. Give the replay-mode an OSD (On screen display with functions and key-bindings) for controlling the replay as if it was a free camera video player.


Current issues:

1. Right now, it is extremely hard to find exact and accurate keys for working the replays, there are several different posts in the forums about what keys to use and truth be told, none of them seems very accurate when I try them in the actual replay.

2. The replay's bug out completely when one "fast forwards" or use other such "features", I have seen the enemies all suddenly being placed in the top north west corner instead of the actual locations, the esc-menu stops working and the only way to exit is to try to get to the task-manager and kill the process manually.


Possible gains:

1. Players could more easily access the replays and use it to get better at the game.

2. As a result players could also more easily point out bugs or errors in the game when bug reporting.

3. I would become more happy (Very very important point ;) )


I hope other players will add to this post with ideas and requests on how to make this work and become a usable feature in the game.

And to be honest, I do not even think this post needs votes for you to realize what a positive gain this would be to the game.


Best Regards


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