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Weekly NA forum digest

Read before posting. (note multiple choice)  

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  1. 1. Which sections should we observe and learn from? (MC) (Read from them yourself first, if haven't read, don't pick yet) (Thus also a popularity question ... Which sections do you yourself follow?)

    • https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/35-general-game-discussion/
    • https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/214-the-pigeons-nest/
    • https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/139-game-guides-and-tutorials/ (And all its sub-forums)
    • https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/212-off-topic/
    • https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/54-roleplaying/
    • https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/211-fan-art-and-community-creations/
    • https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/146-discussions-about-warships/ (And all its sub-forums and sub-sub-forums)
    • https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/232-historical-discussions-and-studies/ (And all its sub-forums and sub-sub-forums)
    • https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/206-player-feature-and-gameplay-suggestions/ (And all its sub-forums)
    • A section that was not mentioned, I will include in feedback comments.
  2. 2. Should there be a minimum requirements for recommended thread/posts? (MC)

    • Thread should have a number of reactions. (Note: NA ppl use the emoticons less than us.)
    • Thread should have a number of total views. (Clickbait title or popular poster/forum section bias.)
    • Thread should have a number of total responses. (Some types of posts are not reply-heavy types.)
    • Thread should be of minimum word length. (But some threads are feedback-focused, or un-concluded in OP post.)
    • Thread should be of English language only. (Well they don't have to be, but you will have to provide a translation in your recommendation commentary.)
    • Thread should have academic-level resilience and structure. (Hey, jokes are threads too.)
    • Thread should not be sarcastic, provocative, or edgy. (Sarcasm is just a style, though.)
    • Thread should be of "high effort", with lots of polish, editing, shiny picture and textfonts. (Doesn't necessarily make the content better, only more readable.)
    • Thread should be active, no necro. (But what's the latest activity limit? week? month? seasonal quarter? year? Some forums sections are more "inert" than others.)
    • Or just, you know, judge from a holistic view based on our overall consideration? (Human bias.)
    • No, no minimum requirements. No consideration. Stop, my head hurts. I skip this question. Doesn't matter.
  3. 3. Should individual posts be considered? Or only whole threads?

    • Threads and posts.
    • Threads only.
    • Posts only. (!??)
  4. 4. Should this be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? (weekends tally focus?) (MC)

    • Daily or whenever we want.
    • Weekly.
    • Bi-weekly.
    • Monthly.
    • How will this feature even benefit this thread, OP?
  5. 5. Should EU-side commentary be offered on recommendation of a "quality post"?

    • Commentary and introduction mandatory. (even if just a short one, but still serious)
    • Freedom to include commentary.
    • No commentaries allowed.
  6. 6. Should discussion of quality threads/posts themselves happen in this thread? (MC)

    • Both recommendation and discussion allowed in this thread.
    • Only recommendations in this thread.
    • WG, please also design a "sub-post thread" function into forums. (To allow sub-posting under individual parent posts, instead of only sub-thread)
    • WG, please also make a sub-forum section for quality post discussion.
    • WG, please also make some sections of forum cross-region.
    • OP, please also make a new dedicated discussion thread.
  7. 7. Should approximate screenshots of thread-head be mandatory, since auto-embedding does not support cross-region forums? (MC)

    • Mandatory preview screenshots required.
    • Not mandatory requirement.
    • No screenshots allowed.
    • Yes screenshots, and original poster pic recommended to be shown within screenshot.
  8. 8. What to do with repeat recommendations? (This is a serious question, it will determine the structure of this thread)

    • If WG would just find a way to add sub-posts to forums ......
    • Repeat recommendation post format, and add own commentary.
    • Add own commentary but without re-post, only reference.
    • Discussions only after 1st post, in discussion thread or here.
  9. 9. Should this thread be moderated? (MC)

    • No, no need.
    • Off-topic posts will be hidden.
    • Off-topic posts will be deleted.
    • Determination of off-topic posts up to WG.
    • Determination of off-topic posts up to popular (or in this case, unpopular) vote.
  10. 10. Is this thread disrespectful? (MC)

    • Yes, and here's how to make it better.
    • Not really, I'm sure the NA people won't mind.
    • No, and they should make an EU digest, too! :]
  11. 11. What do you admire most in a quality post?/ What merits a "good post"? (MC) (Request poll feedback to add to this)

    • Has supporting data and evidence.
    • Has flow of logic and structural integrity.
    • Has ability to address complex topics with simplicity and clarity.
    • Has depth, knowledge, and insight, and develops and adds to the issue being discussed.
    • Has creativity, humour, and entertainment value.
    • Has passion, conviction, and is a moving experience to read.
    • Has good vocabulary, grammer, polish, and consistency.
    • Has respect, humility, and opens further possibility.
    • Is memorable, symbolic, singular.
    • Has style and unique personality. Stands out.
    • Has wisdom, foresight, keen vigilance and observation.
    • Breadth, complexity, universality, of everything and anything.
    • Is relaxing, inspiriting, and kind. Easy to read.
    • Does not belittle other posts, even as a good post ... everyone's a winner. The "good post" is in the congregational power of a post to elicit feedback and response, and the combined value of all posts.
    • My opinion is all I need. Or popular opinion, when it becomes that. Just has to be popular.
    • All of it! (or sometimes, TL;DR) XD
    • No seriously, it really matters on reader perspective, the political climate, etc.
  12. 12. Is this poll too long.

    • No.
    • Too, TOO long. Frolicking Fly off.
    • Yes, but for this once, no need to fly off. I forgive you. Still, here's some suggestions for the next time.

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Recommended Posts

Beta Tester
803 posts
4,376 battles

Since it would be unfair to do a digest of our own EU forums with "quality posts" labeling in mind, I propose we instead do it to our friends across the Atlantic.


This adheres to my ideology of "organic" community involvement, to supplement the WG-driven Quality Poster Initiative. By sharing what we perceive as quality posts and being able to discuss it freely (without fear of bias or politics) due to the content not being written by ourselves, I hope to foster in EU forum posters a healthy passion for quality content, as well as to construct a thread which will serve as a knowledge-base of informative and reference-worthy quality content.


But firstly, general feedback on how to do this, and please vote in the poll for which sections of NA forums we should stalk observe and learn from.


If this endeavor proves successful, in the future we may consider expanding the post-selection to include past quality-worthy posts in our own EU forums as well, those of which sadly have been forgotten with the passing of time.

And maybe dig up a long-gone quality-poster or two. (Now that sounded wrong.)


If you have any suggestions for the poll, please recommend and I will try to add to poll early.


Good Day.


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