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Polish player looking for an international clan

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Hello everyone.


Nickname: szatan3434


I recently left my first and only clan so far, BTT-W.

It's time to move forward, so this is my application:


I'm 29 years old, i'm speaking polish, german, english and a MUST in clan is for me either TeamSpeak or Discord.


What kind of clans I'm interested in?

- The clans which are Clan Wars focused, have a nice atmosphere and play active.


What can i offer to the clan?

- Well as first of course my good attitude

- My arrangement in clan related cases

- At least 4 Tier X warships: Yamato, Hindenburg, Yueyang, Shimakaze

- 3 ships are currently in Tier IX so making them won't be any serious issue: Iowa, Friedrich der Grosse, Ibuki

- Absolute and total listening to orders given by the leader of a division during clan wars but also creativity when things go wrong and something needs to be figured out ( I personally think, that the division leader is not alll alone at the battle and the clan members can also present their ideas during the battle in order to win it).



Below i also attach stats from WoWS stats & Numbers as you might need to review them and i have nothing to hide.


If you are interested in taking me to your clan, simply post a message over here or send me a message in game



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Hi mate,


We need a couple of solid players for Clan Battles.


I'll PM our Discord if you want to come in for a chat.





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I think you might find a good fit with us so here is some info :)

Who we are:


A mature and friendly group of players, we compete in Clan Battles as well as the usual division play in Randoms and Scenarios. We are currently looking to develop our Clan Battles team roster. This is a multinational English speaking clan, we have our own Team-speak server, so you will need to download Team-speak 3 for use during Clan Battles. Using TS at all times is strongly encouraged in order to foster camaraderie and team play.



  • Using Teamspeak3 - we need you on ts during evenings only (clan wars time) and only if you are in game.
  • Ability to communicate in English.
  • Suitable age (~18+) - in short: be mature with manners and a sense of humor.
  • Tier 8+
  • Good Team play - know and understand concepts like focus fire, proper use of your ship class to help teammates etc.
  • Time, to play at least 3-4 days per week (clan wars). Of course real life is more important and we understand it, so don't worry if you can't play regularly.



How to contact us


  • Contact any of the following players in game to find out more 




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Hi szatan


[DAVY] is a mature, easy going and above all active clan.

We run divisions on a daily basis, it doesn't matter which tier you are grinding there is always someone to keep you company. We'll also gladly help you get that illusive 5th star on any operation. 

DAVY members are active in clan battles as well and you are free to join us. 


There are few rules however:

Be active, use discord whenever you are in the game

Reasonable win rate (clan average is around 54%)

Minimum of 1000 battles played

Speak English


PM Quickr or me if you have any questions! 


See you on the high seas captains :cap_cool:

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OLEUM is about to get into some serious Clan Battle.

Coming from TEAM battles and been dedicated RANKED battle players, we now move on.

All along, there is plenty of room to play SOLO and work your way up the tech tree.

We are mature, from Netherlands/Germany/UK/Poland/Bosnia and even Irak.

We are looking for competitive tier 10 players.


Discord for private clan only and a must for Clan Battle.


As we are growing, ranks as line officer, recruiter or deputy commander are available to get competitive.

Is this your call?


Don't let your oil go to waste, join forces, join


Latin 4 oil

Apply now!

or simply send an ingame message, add me on contacts.


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