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[Forum feedback] Notifications and profile options are wonky at best

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Feedback on the current forums update / board version



As of the latest update, the notifications option is very faulty for me.  

-  When following certain forum sections or threads, the notification for a new topic being created is lagging behind by 1h to 12h (this happened during the last board update, before it was fine)

- I get occasional emails although I have not selected to get an email notification. Those emails are not for every notification but seems random

- deactivating browser popups cannot be regulated in the forum options. When you delete cookies etc. you are asked once if you want to activate those and if you do you have to deselect this via the browser options.



- show as online/offline has never worked for me since the new BB board style has been introduced

-  the list and number of users reading the threads (the user list at the bottom, recently browsing) doesn't work at all. Sometimes you are listed as the only one reading the topic and 4 new answers pop up.





- Chrome, latest update

- all cookies, website formulas etc. deleted regularly every week




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