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Torpedo Speeds / distance per second

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I know there is a spread sheet with torpedo stats.. but the calculation I need is not there.

Basically I want to calculate the max distance that I can launch my torps onto a fleeing ship.


So basically, 1 knott is 1,852km

my 12 km, 67 knotts torp, sails at the speed of 124,08km and travels 12 kms in 5,825 mins in real life..

If there is a ship at the max range at that point sailing in 28 knotts, will be 5,034+12kms away from me..

so.. I have to fire my torps at most the distance of 12-5 = 7 kms..


But my problem is.. the distance and speed calculations are different in the game..

My torps actually doesnt take around 6 mins to reach their final range..


I dont want to go in a training room and try and keep time..

does anyone know how the correlation of the realtime distance and speeds into the game?

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It shouldn't matter for your calculation because even though everything in game is sped up it depends only on the ratio of the speeds. So your calculation above should be correct in game too.

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I guess this thread is still valid...

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Important is the relative speed between torpedo and ship.



Torpedospeed 50kn at range of 10km.

Enemy shipspeed 25kn.


If he is fleeing right straight away from you the relativ speed goes down to 50-25=25kn. That is just 50% of the original torpedospeed so the effektic torprange goes to 50% too => 5km.


If he is closing to you the relativ speed goes up to 75kn = 150% so effektiv torprange is 15km.


You just need to know what the topspeed of the ship is.

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