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Downloading client takes forever

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I wanted to reinstall World of Warships and started downloading the game client yesterday.

That is aproximately 18 hours ago, and the progress is less than 30 percent complete.


My operation system, the game client and the Game Center are all installed on SSD's.

I am connected on a 150 mb down / 50 mb up broadband connection with no throthling and no limitations.


I reliably get 100-150 mb/s to all major download hubs in Europe.

Everything else I download with blazing speeds. The issue I see here is limited to only Wargaming games.


So I did a little research, and the internet dwellers point to the new Game Center as being the source of the problem.

In the previous installer, you had the option to turn of torrent. That option doesnt seem to exist in the new Game Center.


Has anyone found a workaround for this?

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