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now wows has turned into wot

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Lanchester's Laws clearly do not apply to a 1 v 1, as two or more units are needed to provide the increment that overwhelms a single unit.


The Laws cannot ensure success in all encounters outside of "all units" vs. "all units" in a simultaneous encounter - because in a game like WoWS the map layout and game features can negate or disadvantage the effect.


E.g. a team using pure application of Lanchester's Laws would seek to keep their entire fleet together to maximise the power increment. However, in the WG game scenario, this leads to the "procession of the Arvicolinae" and - on a typical WoWS map with four caps interspersed with mountain ranges - the risk of being outcapped by the weaker but more dispersed team.

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That is why you do not go for one cap, but two caps. With your firepower trying to cover both caps.

And you do not go alone...

1v1 should be avoided at all costs.

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7 hours ago, Klopirat said:

acoording to your many wall of text posts it is more likely that you might have the wrong demands to this game...


I once thought circuses were but clownfests and freakshows with oppressed animals, as depicted in folk tales and short stories.


Until I watched a Cirque du Soleil, which redefined what "circus" meant to me, and what I knew "circus" could mean, in the 21st century.

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