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Radical carrier move

Poll regarding carriers  

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  1. 1. Would you support removal of carriers from the game until magic "rework" happens?

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    • No

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Yo WG,



You already removed CVs from CBs.... can you please do same with random games?


+ more balanced games

+ less frustration

+ been tested in CBs, worked quite well

+ no one will have to respec for AA

+ you dont need to make tutorials (you already don't have any useful)

+ you dont need to screw up more carriers (like buffing DDs AA, removing manual drops for IV,V.... banning em from CBs? etc)



- carrier mains  will be upset (again its only minor part of this game)

- less premium ships you will be able to feature as "with extraodinary AA"

- you will  have to refund Kaga, Enterprise, Saipan (but again with rework you will upset many CV players I guess)


Radical and drastical but useful. My eyes are bleeding with stupidity of players.  There are many examples  and I don't want to mention them again and again. Just remove this stupid class so we all can play in peace I guess...


Before you start  supporting or critizing this topic I just ask you to look objective on situation. CV mains keep getting shitty buffs against them  while all other are upset with ur existance because 80% of brainless monkeys do not understand to play this class, they just lose game for their team.


Feel free to discuss.

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