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looking for english EU clan for a casual player

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Clan AJX (Ajax) has one spare slot which has just come up. It is a very casual mature minded clan with English as the communication language with no requirement to play clan battles if you don't want to (But I would be keen to find players who would not mind the occasional clan game).


There are only two rules: You must either play a game once per 60 days or let the commander or deputy know if you need a longer break or you will be removed from the clan, this is so the clan benefits can be used by as many active players as possible. and in clan battles (when we finally get to them) no swearing at or belittling players friend or foe (A three strikes out Policy).


Currently the Clan benefits are 10% off the purchase of  Class V. VI. VII ships and 10% off the servicing of Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships, We will very soon have 10% off the purchase price of Class VIII ships.


As a Class 5 Clan you will need to obtain 50 oil (get 5 crates) to access these benefits on joining. 



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We are looking for more members. We got mainly players that speak english well & we'd be happy to have you. We are not very big yet, but certainly looking to grow.


We also provide some clan bonusses through the buildings:

- 10% discount DDs

- 10% discount BBs

-10% purchase discount tier 5

-10% purchase discount tier 6

- 3% extra XP for US ships


By interest send an application to DD445 or contact me. 

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