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South American tech tree: How WG can take advantage of the upcomming Helena (St. Louis subclass of Brooklyn cruisers)

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Five of the Brooklyns and one of the two St. Louises were sold to three of the major navies of South America.



Brooklyn and Nashville to Chile as O'Higgins and Capitán Prat:




Philadelphia and St. Louis to Brazil as Barroso and Tamandare:




Phoenix and Boise to Argentina as General Belgrano (called 17 de Octubre when sold, renamed after a military coup) and Nueve de Julio:





This offers Wargaming a unique opportunity: They can use three of the ships, one from each nation, as premiums, and keep the other three for a future tech tree.

To diferentiate the tree premiums, they can give each of them a different consummable. One can have radar, one hydro, and the last one defensive AA. If you want to separate them even more, one can have smoke (preferably not the ones with radar and hydro), one can have speed boost, and the last one repair party.



Also, since there isn't the same level of recentment or whatever that apparently caused problems with the pan asian branch (I'm from Argentina, and though there IS a good deal of resentment, it's not to the level of nation-wide hatred towards all the other countries in the region), they could give each ship its nation's flag.

For the tech tree in general, they can use this flag, which was proposed as the flag of the UNASUR (didn't win), the international organization that integrates all south american countries.

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