Lootbox system has flaws in its logic. I guess it was originally introduced to provide incentive for players to log on, but under a combination of factors which I will attempt to describe, it may be seriously impaired in performing its intent.   First fault, having to choose between "normal" crates, or a "slightly higher chance of supercontainer" makes it a lose-lose. Players can either lose out on a supercontainer for meager rewards, or lose out on meager rewards for even more meager rewards when it fails to give a supercontainer.  One way to design it is to outright take away the supercontainer option, but to slightly raise supercontainer chance in any crate. Or to make supercontainer chance slightly increase for 2nd and 3rd lootbox of the day.   Second fault, it is an "adding insult to injury" type of feature. On the surface, this feature seems like incredible generosity from WG, able to even give doubloons. However, it is not too difficult a mental maneuver to interpret this as a "different kind of lack of generosity". The grind in this game is clear to all, with tiers 9-10 pretty much unprofitable without some kind of premium account, camo, or flags. The containers, any kind of them, are not sufficient to offset the stinginess of the system. Even if a player got a supercontainer with doubloons, their joy will turn to detest when they will have to "waste" those doubloons on respeccing a commander, buying a port slot, or other mundane expenses instead of spending it on premium ships, camos, and stuff. Their "happiness" of getting 50k credits from a container is immediately gone the next time they have a bad game with "a bad team", and lose that 50k on the ship repair. They will then do some quick math in their head, note it took them 5 games to earn the container, but having lose it all in one game, mentally write off the containers as any kind of generosity. My recommended fix for this is firstly, obviously, to improve the game, but since that is difficult, instead to improve on the daily missions and campaigns by fleshing them out to have more features or be more fun. Add in "premium camo tokens" to the containers which can only be used to purchase premium camo for tech-tree ships. Or even not-very-rare "rent-a-premium" tokens which allow players to try out a list of rotating premium ships, but barring high prestige premiums and "difficult to play" premiums as is reasonable.   Third fault, it is too rigid to be a "fun" feature. The daily cap is very rigidly implemented, excess experience is wasted, any other action other than experience is wasted, and it is daily. This one is straightforward. GIve it a weekly quota, remove daily cap, but make earning lootboxes in the same day require scaling more input. Excess input not enough to fill one lootbox is carried over to the next day, but you will have to log in to claim it. There is a total lootbox quota per week, equal to averaged out per day lootbox total per week. This way working ppl can play, concentrate when they have time, and not lose out on the rewards. Excess experience at the end of the whole week can be used on a "super-roll" with a higher chance of supercontainer, direct rolls on supercontainer loot, or even convertable to free exp with credits, a randomly generated mission, or simply at a certain rate.   There can be more ideas but I'm wary of going off and writing textwalls again. TY for reading.