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Looking for a clan

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I'm getting worse day by day, have 7 tier X ships, I suck in them, they're good cannon fodder.


So yea, any clan looking to not achieve much or that just play for fun... I might be the potato for you.

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[DAVY] has expanded to 50 members

We're looking for players who enjoy playing the game, and want to JOIN IN, we are looking for ACTIVE players who will division, do operations and maybe try clan battles whilst being on discord. If all you want to do is to collect oil and play solo this ISN'T the place for you.

Joining DAVY is easy :-

Most importantly you must be ACTIVE and willing to participate.

Have reasonable stats around or above our clan average of 54%

Have a minimum of 1000 battles played, our clan average is 4k battles

Speak English.

We don't have a lengthy joining process where you have to join a forum, meet a recruiter on TS and play to decide if you're good enough to join, if we like the look of you, you're in, simples...

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Hello Asenad 




Octo international are recruiting good players 


What we are looking for

1000+ Battles Played 

52+ WR

1000+ PR

Aged 18 years or above

Active 3 days a week

Active for Clan Battles 

Use Discord Channel's when online and be actively willing to Division up

Can speak and understand English 

Has good clear working headset or mic


What We offer 

Competitive Gameplay


Training to improve your Game 


If it sounds good send me or AlibaMamad message or an Application



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We like potatoes. 


We are looking for more members. We got mainly players that speak english well & we'd be happy to have you. We are not very big yet, but certainly looking to grow.


We also provide some clan bonusses through the buildings:

- 10% discount DDs

- 10% discount BBs

-10% purchase discount tier 5

-10% purchase discount tier 6

- 3% extra XP for US ships


By interest send an application to DD445 or contact me. 

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