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Armored cruisers: which ships could be added to the game

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Armored cruisers are one of the hardest classes to add. The main reason? They're all over the place in terms of guns (usual y too few slow-loading guns), armor (ranging between paper-thin to near-battleship worthy) and speed (from as slow as >20 knots to above 24). But there're quite a few that can be added following Graf Spee's profile of hard-hitting, slow and tanky-ish cruisers. Here are a few I found:


The easiest of them all:

  • SMS Blucher: 12 210mm guns in the same arrangement as Nassau's... In fact, just a lighter, better-looking, faster Nassau. This ship is basically a battleship with a cruiser-level armor and armament.

  • Edgar Quinet: Replaces some of the twin wing turrets for single mounts, but keeps a uniform main armament of 14 190mm guns. It also has six funnels.

  • Monmouth: Same 2x2, 10x1 arrangement as EQ's, but 152mm instead of 190. Really slow and lightly armored, it could fit as a british St. Louis.

  • Dupleix: 4x2 164mm turrets (1 fore, 1 aft and 1 on each side) with 20s reload at Tier II, maybe III considering the armor.

  • Flygia: Give it to the swedes for creating this beauty. With 4x2 152mm guns (1 fore, 1 aft, 2 wing turrets), it would be nice.


Slightly harder but doable:

  • Georgios Averof: 2x2 234mm guns with a heavy secondary battery. Could work if the mains get a 20s reload or lower.

  • Pennsylvania: Same deal as above. 2x2 203mm guns can work with a fast-ish reload speed.

  • Roon: We're not getting the SMS Scharnhorst & SMS Gneisenau. I asked, they said no. Even though we have japanese clones everywhere with only three letters to distinguish them, plus the HSF Graf Spee, adding "SMS" to the names of these two ships is apparently impossible, no matter how good a campaign, operation and collection arround their epic and tragic oddisey can be. So here's the next Best thing. The Roon gets an insane rate lf fire for its four heavy 203mm guns of 4 to 5 rounds per minute. 'nuf said... Well, actual y no. It also has decent speed and armor, but it is also huge for a cruiser. Essentially a light battleship.

  • Rurik (1906): If it can be given a rate of fire of 3 rounds per minute for its main guns (2x2 254mm), then yes. It definitely looks amazing. Its service history is basically almost entirely minesweeping duties: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_cruiser_Rurik_(1906)#Service.


Doable, but would require special treatment:

  • Drake: It has a secondary battery of 16 152mm guns. If WG can turn those into main guns, and leave the 200+ mm guns as AI-controlled, this and many other armored cruisers can be added into the game, as well as some predred battleships.

  • Rurik (1892): Same deal as above: 8x1 203mm guns & 16x1 152mm guns. The 152mm could be the main battery & the 203 AI-controlled.

  • Tennessee: This one could go in two ways. Option 1, the easiest one, is to give the 2x2 254mm guns a 20s reload. Option 2 is to do the same as Drake and turn the 16 152mm guns into main guns and the 254mm ones into AI controlled.

  • Minotaur: Like the Tennessee but iwth heavier guns, either the 2x2 234mm guns can be the mains with, say, 22s reload, or the 10 191mm guns.

  • Esmeralda: A chilean armored cruiser with 2 203mm guns and 16 152mm guns. Same deal as above. Decent speed of 22.5 knots. As far as I know, the only ship of this type from South America that can be added into the game.

  • Porthuau: With 2 194mm and 10 138.6mm guns, making the latter main guns would leave it as a decent, heavily armored Tier III cruiser.

  • Jeanne d'Arc: 2x194mm & 14x138mm. Same deal as above.


Really hard & unlikely

  • Fürst Bismarck: A slow but heavily armored Tier II or III cruiser that, like the Tennessee, offers two possibilities. Either the 2x2 240mm guns with a 20s reload as mains, or the 12 150mm ones. The problem with this ship is that, if the 150mm guns are the mains, then it has too few of them to work, considering they're all broadside, but the 240mm ones, being too large for a low tier cruiser, and combined with the ship's poor speed and heavy armor, make it hard to balance in a way that makes it playable.
  • Dupuy de Lôme, Amiral Charner and Gueydon: The three of them lack enough guns of a sufficient caliber to be considered viable, which is sad considering how "unique" they are.

How they can be added:

  • Option 1: This is for candidates with 1) main armament too heavy (too many above-average caliber guns) compared to other low to medium tier cruisers, 2) armor that's too heavy to be penetrated by cruiser armament, and 3) slow speed compared tomedium and high tier cruisers. Adding them as cruisers presents the following problems:
    • They're too strong compared to low tier cruisers.
    • At medium tiers they're too vulnerable to aircraft cariers and battleships.

Therefore, I propose adding them as Tier II battleships. Some of them may be balanced at Tier III. Candidates for this would be the Blucher and Edgar Quinet. Compared to other low tier battleships, they would have better fire rate and speed at the cost of lower caliber and thinner armor.


  • Option 2: This is for candidates with 1) a) small number of guns with calibers above low tier cruiser average or b) large number of guns with calibers equal to low tier cruiser average, 2) armor that's too heavy to be penetrated by cruiser armament, and 3) slow speed compared tomedium and high tier cruisers. These ones can be added as cruisers, following a pattern similar to the St. Louis:
    • Ships like the Georgios Averof and Rurik (1906), with 2x2 > 190mm guns can be given 20s reload. That would make them like a low tier Graf Spee: Hard hitting but slow firing, tanky but slow and clumsy compared to same-tier lighter cruisers.
    • Ships like the Dupleix and Flygia can have a slightly faster reload and be compensated with worse turret traverse. Essentially like Furutakas with heavier armor but slower speed and worse rudder shift.
    • Ships like the Esmeralda and Tennessee, with their secondary guns turned into player-controlled main armament can be like the St. Louis: a heavy broadside of many guns with good rate of fire, but firing them all forces the ship to expose itself too much. In other words, to maximize damage you sacrifice angling, balancing the ship's heavier armor.

These ships could be added at Tiers III and IV.

Special consumables:

  • Speed boost: Some of these ships could use a Speed Boost with a low speed boost and long reload, mainly those added at Tier IV.

At least one armored cruiser could be added to the tech tree, mainly for the United Kingdom and Germany, to begin with their respective potential battlecruiser lines:

  • Monmouth could be added as a Tier III cruiser, later advancing to either the Invincible or Indefatigable class battlecruisers at the same tier.
  • Blucher could be added as a Tier II battleship, then upgrading it to the Von Der Tann at Tier III.

 I know this page leaves a lot to be desired in terms of technical data on each ship. I'm (quite obviously) not very knowledgable regarding the technical aspects of warships. I just glanced at wikipedia and other pages looking for ships with guns, speed and armor that kinda sorta fitted within WG's parameters for potential ships to be added to the game. I know that armored cruisers are hard to balance, and that WG isn't focused on low tiers right now. I just want to keep this discussion open and ongoing until they finally run out of ideas for high tier russian behemoths and start considering low tier ships. Some of these ships are really cool. I especially like two certain german candidates that had an amazing and tragic oddisey through the indian, pacific and atlantic oceans, culminating in one epic battle with the Royal Navy near my home country of Argentina.

Sadly, due to its odd armament config, my darling Sankt Georg can't be added.







EDIT: Somehow I missed the fact that there's already a german ship named Roon in the game (and I have that cruiser!), and another one named Yorck (which I also have!), so SMS Roon and SMS Yorck are off the table.


Seriously, WG, there's nothing stopping you from adding a few letters to diferentiate two ships with the same name.

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