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Rendering of ships

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I suspect the ships are slow to render on screen, making it tougher on 1 vs 1 engagements in dds. Are there differences and if so what factors into them? Is it possible to check if my suspicions are correct. I've got a good network, but the PC is quite old.


I know about concealment, smoke, the Target Acq. module, etc so, spare me those answers please. I also know about anticipating where the other ships is and aiming in, and I know about the 'detection' icon and icon on minimap popping up before the actual ship is rendered. It's none of those.


edit: to specify the question - I do not suspect artificial factors used to balance or such, just technical issues.

 The question to check if there are rendering differences is just because it's tough to know. It's just difficult to check such a thing. I'm not sure how it would be done easily.

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13 minutes ago, nimlock said:

Im famillar with the atempt to synchronize the data stream due unavoidable latency issues with the help of server bandwidth and programming. In the end it's a futile atempt nonetheless. So this statement is the shortest answer to the issue:

Inherent latency issues are retalted to Ohm's law. No ammunt of tveaking will counter foundamental resistance pressent in the material we create our electronic gadgets from. And in captialism and the awkward distribution of wealth in the world even furnthens the inequality among individuals. So:

You can be certain your pc on a budget  might render something 1-2 second slower than for your oponent no matter the game you play. Not that it really matters in WoWs. The reaction time celling can be managed while drunk. I even see a trend going on: All WG games become bearable to play if you supplement it with vodka.

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So in conclusion:

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People chose the most appealing "truth", not the uncomfortable and sad truth.

donald-trump-trademarked-a-ronald-reagan int-lii-an-inconvenient-truth-areassurin


I have seen battles by youtubers with computers a couple of years younger than mine and saw no difference.

I have seen my own replays being recorded by yourtubers and saw no difference to my computer.

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