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Is the LEANDER the best ship for Newport Base Defense?

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Hi Everyone,


Was kinda wondering what everyone's opinion was on this subject.


I would definitely class myself as an average player... mostly only getting to play on the weekends. Leveling up ships can be a bit of a chore, especially now that I'm researching the Fiji. 


I started to play this mission with a few mates as it was a bit of a laugh, not particularly difficult and a good way to earn XP.  (mostly in the CLEVELAND) I would get approx 4 kills and be middle of the table.... oh and die loads :Smile_facepalm:


This all changed when I started using the LEANDER! Each time I played I moved to the same areas of the map and got, pretty much, the same result each time. This has helped me no end in researching the Fiji.


Does anyone else have a go-to ship for this mission that gets the same results? I'd love to see those replays or screen shots.


Many thanks in advance,






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Haven't played Leander for a while, it's just my two cents.

Four torps per side is great for battleships that get too close, better than Cleveland which really can't cope that well with zerg rushes. The reload rate always seems good, so I guess this is a big factor in racking up the damage on ships. Smoke is also a great way to get kills with little risk.

However, I would have thought that nose-in ships (charging you) or battleships that are a bit angled would be a problem. While other 6-inch cruisers can do reliable damage (especially with IFHE), I always struggled in Leander.

Maybe De Grasse of La Galissoniere are better picks? Good AP and HE, decent torps, La Gal has good AA for self defence, and both have okayish armour.

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I would like to draw attention to Nürnberg. Put DefAA on her and there you have the whole package. Long range, short range, HE, AP, fastest cruiser reload, built-in IFHE, aft turrets traverse 360°, and if you take a big hit you can fall back for repairs. Thanks to 16km range even then you can still engage the enemy forces. I had very good games in Leander but the highest scores and damage dealt I did with Nürnberg.

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