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[RSN] Rising Sun

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"Citizens of the world, the Empire of The Rising sun has risen. The day of our destiny has arrived."


We are a clan for otaku/weebs/friends who like to play wows and other games. We dont really have many competitive ambitions. We mostly like to play together with friends.



We are open for new menbers.


Collect oil, play or say something now and then and be friendly  

Other than that we aren't not very picky about who joins us


Whether this is your first time playing, looking for a group of friends to play with or just like to play wows. Come and join. Together we will fight for honor..... and oil.


If you want you can join us at discord: [RSN] Rising Sun https://discord.gg/3cpc4QX

If you have any questions please ask them in our discord server. Me and/or the other commanders can answer them

NOTE: I'm not always checking the forums nor are the other commanders. If you have a question or something to say please do it in the discord server.


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