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So I did a thing.

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So I did a thing.


In real life, the Super Yamato was a thing. But I was wondering: What if a Super-Yamato were to be custom-made for WoWs - say a tier 9/10 operation that has you escorting it through an enemy blockade, akin to Raptor Rescue.

About one month of on-and-off MS painting later, I finished a design. May I present to you: this.


No, most of the stuff is not mine. The sources can be found here, (This is what I 'built' it on) here (For the 127mm guns), here (For the single and double 25mm mount sprites) and here (Ripping those 100mm guns was a pain. I used a picture on the wiki to help me and ended up with this badly-coloured sprite.100mm-K.png.545e635671a5e4b3e183104137d8794f.png


This is the 127mm gun:127mm.png.f85e4f6bd9f3edd5ca871c886228ce59.png


And these are the 25mm guns:Single_Horizontal.png.9b4d56283bff9d96980b13fafa40bdb9.pngDual_Horizontal.png.33c708389f867c611107117356a977af.pngTripleB_Horizontal.png.9033cadcc05b687b3e85789e08880c2b.png.


Edit: I forgot this:Nippon_155.png.7be541eae4ae03620f0479c9eb407331.png.


Finally, here's a comparison with the 1942 and 1945 Yamato line Drawings.



Feel free to use any of them, just be warned that only the edit and 100mm are "mine".



I spent quite a while thinking about the stats of the ship and I ended up jotting them down in a notepad file. Going by the stats in the port view (mostly) there is this wall of text.

110k+. This thing is a Super Yamato. It deserves more HP.
Torpedo Belt:
57% so this thing gives a 60% reduction to torpedo damage when properly upgraded.
Well. There are loads of things that I want to do here. First, the Citadel. Let's make this thing larger under the waterline. As in, width of the ship-ish wide. This will hopefully give enough propulsion to carry the thing forward at a decent speed, because this thing will get even more steel. And that's gonna be heavy.
Let me say this straight. I WANT to make the deck armour 2.75 inches thick (From the 2.25 inches found on the Yam). That's 70mm. Enough to resist ANY non-IFHE shell not from a German or British ship (406mm/16-inch guns have HE that deals damage to 67mm and below - and why would a Montana or Izumo take IFHE?) or a Yamato AND Hindenburg IFHE (203/4 = 50.75, * 1.3 = damage to 65mm and below). However, going into realism for a while, that might be a bit too heavy. I'm going to take something more conservative - 64mm/2.5 inches. That is an increase of only 0.25 inches from the Yamato, but it is enough to resist 15-inch (381mm) 1/6-pen HE shells. In practice, that is going to do absolutely nothing. The only ships with 15-inch guns in the game are German or British. It's also not quite enough to block IFHE 12-inch sixth-pen HE. But it fits into inches well, and won't be unrealistic. This deck will extend to just in front of/behind turrets 1 and 3 (which is less than Yamato's 50mm plating goes up to). Elsewhere, the deck will be plating.
Plating. This will stay at 32mm. No, I won't make it 33mm. That's what I'd do to the Montana. I will make a change, but that is
going to be described below, in the citadel section.
The Citadel (Read: The huge weak spot) will be reinforced, however. The main belt will go up to 434mm/17.1 Inches. And then there's
Yamato's Achilles Heel. Her 350mm Athwartship slab. To counter this, I am going to extend the armour belt. The main belt will taper to a 216mm/8.5-inch thick belt at the same height (but as part of the plating) up until where the armoured deck ends. This should remove that weakness. Oh, and I'll raise the under-waterline belt (by 3mm) to 203mm/8 inches.

The main guns. In the real Super-Yamato designs, they were to be 510mm/20.1-inch monsters. Here, though, they are not.
Yamato's current main battery fires 7300/35 460mm HE Type0 shells at 805 m/s and 14800/0 460mm AP/APC Type91 at 780 m/s up to 26.6km every 30 seconds.
I suppose I should add a token buff, so I'll say that they will fire 7300/35 460mm HE Type0 shells at 805 m/s and 15000/0 460mm APC Type92 at 805 m/s up to 27km every 28 seconds.
That's a 200 Alpha Damage buff to the AP shells as well as a change in their initial velocity, plus a 2 second reload buff. There's no direct buff to the HE, and gun rotation speed will not be changed (though I floated the idea of increasing the turn rate to 3 degrees/sec).
It's the secondary guns where my, err, design changes most, but first of all I'd like to go on a mini-rant about their HP.
For those not aware, EVERY Secondary gun (Even Yamato's 155mm guns taken straight from Mogami where they probably have 15 to 20 thousand health) has 800 HP. So when I first looked at Yamato and thought "Well those (127mm) A1 mod.3 guns have slower reload, but they look more armoured, so I assume that the slower reload is balanced out by them having more HP" I was sadly wrong. The A1 mod.3 guns are just worse than the stock A1 guns. Oh, and every AA gun that's not a main or secondary gun has 200 HP. To be honest, this is one thing I hope WG changes. Their HP deserves to be more dynamic and reflective of the bulkiness of the guns. Ah well...
 You may notice weird-looking guns mounted where the 127mm guns used to be. Those are 100mm/3.9-inch guns, specifically the ones found on Kii and Zao. (The ones in turrets with a 0.1 second slower reaload rate than the ones on Taiho, Ibuki and Hakuryu). There are six of these, three per side, and they throw 1700/5 HE shells at an impressive 1km/s every three seconds. (I would give them 1200 HP or something if I could.)
The 127mm/5-inch guns have not been abandoned, however. Four are present per side (8 total) and they are of the mod.3 type, spitting 2100/8 HE shells at 725 m/s every six seconds. (These should have at least 1500 HP.) I'd give them 1600 or 2000.
And the 155mm/6.1-inch guns. On the Yam, they spit 3300/0 AP/APC Type91 shells at 925 m/s every 12 seconds (Up from the 10 on Mogami). But I'm going to break tradition here and say that they will no longer shoot AP shells, like at least some secondaries on every other IJN Battleship (sans Mikasa)! Specifically they will shoot the 2600/10 HE Type0 shells that they shoot on Mogami. They will have (grr) half the HP they have on Mogami. I don't get why their reload is nerfed, but it will stay at 12s because that makes it neat.
With 3 seconds between each volley, they are:
Volley 1: 12 155mm shells, 8 127mm shells, 6 100mm shells
Volley 2: 6 100mm shells
Volley 3: 8 127mm shells, 6 100mm shells
Volley 4: 6 100mm shells
Total: 24 100mm, 16 127mm, 12 155mm.
The secondaries will fire out to 8km, or:
-8.4km with the flag
-9.6km with AFT or Secondaries mod.2
-10.08km with one of those and the flag
-11.52km with AFT and the upgrade
-12.096km fully specced (Specked? Speced?)
Lol nope.
AA defence:
With the addition of 100mm DP guns, the long-range AA on this thing is very powerful. Specifically, 205.6 DPS at 5.01km, with 124.8 of that coming from the 100mm batteries. They deal a whopping 20.8 damage each. Check it.
 However, since it's based on the Musashi-hull Yam, the mid-range AA is rather bad:
10x3x25mm guns (61 DPS - 6.1 DPS per gun). Two on each corner of the superstructure and two on the rear of the ship, besides the cranes.
2x2x25mm guns (10 DPS - 5 DPS per gun). Both located on top of the Conning Tower.
11x1x25mm guns (19.8 DPS - 1.8 DPS per gun). Seven on the top of the mast, two in wing/ear structures slightly lower down, and one each side of the Conning Tower.
 Total: 90.8 DPS at 3.09km (which is still respectable, but it's tier 6 levels).
Total AA:
205.6 at 5.01km
090.8 at 3.09km
Worse. The speed's probably going to drop. Yam can go 27 knots, turn in 900m and shift her bulk in 22.1s.
I'd put the figures for this at 25 (ish), 1000 (ish), and 25 (ish) respectively.
20 km. Dropping down to 19.4 with camo or 17.2 with CE. Which I want to dissuade the usage of, BTW.
I REALLY want this to be a secondary-based IFHE build. The 100mm guns deal damage to 16/21 mm (so they can damage DDs more reliably), the 127mm gun's figures are 20 and 27 (enough to pen cruiser bows) and the 155s get 25/33 (enough to pen BBs). The AI can have captain skills (E.G the Kongo in Raptor Rescue has Survivability Expert at least sometimes - again, check it) so I would, for this mission put a Yamamoto on it with Preventative Maintenance, Expert Marksman, BFT, AFT, Manual secondaries and IFHE. (If it were my own, I would add priority target and maybe switch Marksman out for Adrenaline Rush.)
So what do you think? Is it good? Bad? Utter trash? And what would you do for a tier 11 custom-made for WoWs? Feel free to reply :Smile_Default:
-Bunnytob, 14th February 2018
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I forgot something.
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Well that was a big post. Not a player of Japanese ships but I love the time and effort you have obviously put into doing this. Also, more operations would be a good thing in my opinion, historically accurate ones would be especially good. But for WG to model this thing and produce it I think deserves far more than a role as an NPC in an operation. Perhaps keeping this idea to one side as a premium reward ship for a Japanese campaign.


I hope this thread gets lots of feedback. Well done and best of luck to you.

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Yeah, I never meant for this thing to be actually put in the game IRL.

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