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WG programmers? You state something than act the opposite?

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An hour ago I played in few Co Op with a CV Ryujo.


For those who don't know or don't remember, some Updates ago, last year, in the Patch Notes, WG stated that they changed the duration of Damage control party for CVs to " stop this stupid trend to sink the CV first" by the opposite CV of course.


Today, an hour ago ( but also few minutes ago in another Co Op)  BOT CVs are programmed the opposite!! Ridiculous!!

The Bot CVs first attacked my CV in both battles!...


So it's not a question of many human psycho players I met in this game, that don't have the attributes to play as a team and compete with battleships and cruiser or even destroyers, but there are also code programmed BOT CVs that behave in same psycho player trend... My compliments! Great example of coherence and sense of balance!


The dramatic and ironic side of it, is that if you look at the best teams, they not only don't attack the other CV first, but very often planes are used to spot and scouting!  Have a look at the last King of the Sea and learn morons!


And WG, please tell your programmers to re code Bot CVs and avoid vodka in the meantime! Thanks a lot!





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If the Bots tactics are too easy for you, maybe try Random instead of Coop :Smile_trollface:


Or your CV was just too far at the front and that's why they attacked you.

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  • The never said to program CV differently
  • BOTS prefer to attack the first enemy in sight, you were probably to close
  • You should learn how to evade CV strikes, that is important for survival and teaches you how to strike evading enemies better with your CV

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