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[EN] World of Warships Mod Section – Rules and information

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As we announced some time ago, we are changing our approach on the forums when it comes to how we manage the mod-section.

We have now finished reworking the existing mod-section and thanks to our forum’s new translation feature (can be changed at the bottom of the page), we now have a unified mod section with support for English, German, Polish, French and Czech mods.


With this change there is now a central location to find for existing mods or to publish your latest creations.

We will keep our new approach of an active moderation for new mods to ensure the compliance with the official mod policy.


To make it easier to find multi-language mods and to indicate which mods are up to date, we ask you to stick to the following naming conventions for new threads:

  1. Version tag - e.g. [0.7.1] for mods that are confirmed to work with client version 0.7.1
  2. Language tag(s) - e.g. [EN][DE][PL][FR][CZ] for a thread that supports all the aforementioned languages
  3. A (descriptive) name for your mod - e.g. Fantasy Skin Pack
  4. Full example: [0.7.1][EN][DE] Fantasy Skin Pack


In addition to that, you can find a localized description in each sub-forum that will let you know what kind of mods can be shared there and another example for the naming convention.

Given that most mods are usually released with English support, the main language of this section is going to be English, but you can share your feedback about it in this thread and if necessary, we will add language-specific sub-forums at a later point.


Please follow this thread and the portal for any future updates related to mods in World of Warships.


Happy modding!

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