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Returning Beta player(s) looking for a clan

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So, we played a lot of beta, but stopped just after release and the big reset because something broke SLi bigtime for me (flickering screen, and caused long-term damage to my monitor in fact), myself and a close friend re-joined the game a couple weeks back and have re-ignited our flames for the battleboats.

Looking for a place to have fun, and get into the clan scene. We're fairly experienced, and do well enough in most games but we're not taking it too seriously just yet while we level things up, and we're not aware of any current meta's or whatever. We got to at least Tier 7/8 back in the beta but that was a lifetime ago right?

We both have ships up to Tier VI earned, and we both have a Sims, and I have an Atlanta for VII.

Looking for people to do operations with and blow some stuff up.

We have Discord ofc, but prefer to comms via TS (because Discord audio is naff)

Hit me up



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