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Spotting Aircraft I & II... not enough time

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Hi, can somebody please check my math. I've noticed that with my Bismarck (it might not be true for all the ships) in a match of max 20 minutes there is simply not enough time to use all the "Spotting Aircraft" both I and II.

ver I) Active 100s / Reload 360s / Charges 5 = (100*6) + (360x4) = 600 + 1440 = 2040s divided 60 = 34 minutes


ver II) Active 100s / Reload 240 /Charges 6 = (100x6) + (240x5) = 600 + 1200 = 1800s divided 60 = 30 minutes


So, if I am correct, what's the point to give so many charges?

I haven't checked yet other consumables.


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The planes can get shot down that would shorten the overall times.

If the plane gets shot down right after start you would theoretically come close to the 20 mins with the prem version.


You can also shorten the reload times with captain skills and flags by 10% or prolong the active times with the rare upgrade module.



All in all you are right that you will not use all 6 charges (which are with Superindendent , so you have 5 without) in a regular game. But it doesn't hurt either for you in your battleship.

Only people that try to achieve a clear sky award are actually negatively affected, because all charges count to the plane total you need to shoot down.

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2 hours ago, LilJumpa said:

rare upgrade module

I'd say in my case it's far from a rare module :cap_haloween:



But yeah, as far as I can remember it has been like that always - you can't get all of them out, they could just remove the limited uses for all the difference that limitation makes. And generally speaking (at least I personally) rarely have more than 1...2 situations in game where I'd need to use the plane anyway.

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As a pure defensive skill just to spot incomming torpedoes and lurking DD's it has an owerkill duration indeed.

But depending how frequently you meet CV in your games and ships using catapult fighters to control aerial spoting by some extent, it's expected  uptime/lifetime is less than 100s. So it becomes a rather situationl tool to get spotting done before it gets shot down. The increased ammount of charges is only there to make this consumable choice worth the slot space it ocupies. Thats why the T2 is on a lower cooldown.


For your consideration @JeTBarionIV


We haw a competition running from February 3rd till May 2nd and it would really be helpfull if you would choose and mark one post as the best answer.


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