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Clan Wars and Missions

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First of all, it's good to have Clan Wars back and the longer prime time is nice as well as the French BB and Aigle missions not to forget all the other stuff that's going on.


However much fun the Clan Wars are, they are a significant time and effort investment for the participants, probably most if not all of the time many can spare for gaming. Yet, precious few missions are doable in clan wars. Even the "play together" -themed Valentine's day mission can't be done in CW. 


Damage, fires, torp hits or any other combat related tasks are probably much harder to do in CW compared to randoms or especially operations and coop. XP and credit earnings are good if your clan wins a lot, but you get quite a lot of the goodies in randoms as well if you're playing with good division mates so I don't see a prohibitively massive advantage for CW there either.


It would be nice if CW was taken more into account whenever a season is on, especially in time limited campaigns like the Aigle where the completion window for certain tasks is low. The same of course applies to ranked, but I think the situation with ranked is already much better at this point.

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I 100% agree.   Instead of CW taking up your WoWS time, it has to be a suppliment to the time you normally spend, since you need to complete the active missions/campaigns seperately.  


But, I suspect that CW's not counting for missions is more of an oversight by WG than the result of some carefully considered strategy.   


For example on the missions where you can complete them in co-op, ranked, or random, what point is there to not letting them be completed in CB?   (Especially since they often have the Ranked option even when the mission is only available outside a Ranked season.)


It would be great if they updated this.



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