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How To Play American Battleships?

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hey there Fellas,


So I know this might have already been answered years and Years ago, but i wanted to ask for myself... How do I play American Battleships in today's meta and the meta to come? such as how to support your fleet in the right way, or when is the right time to push, or when it isn't the right time to push, or when to tank and how to do it properly, or what tier is good for practicing US BBs. I will be upfront and say that I'm aggressive when it comes to playing American Battleships, mostly because I don't want to be known as a camper,  but I end up usually sinking in the end because of how I push, and its led me to ask, what am I doing wrong? I appreciate any advice given!


Until Next Post,



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Hiya mate,


Well, first off, you must realise that low tier USNBB's are probably one of the worsely powercreeped of all the lower tier BB's. They severely lack in speed and so once you are committed, there is almost no turning back.


And that leads us to point 1):


Pick a flank as best you can and stick with it. You'll either push through the opposition, grinding them up, or you'll have to act as a delaying/blocking force while another flank (hopefully) pushes the enemy. In such an eventuality, you best try to turn away and put up a running defence, as that will minimise your exposure to enemy torpedoes and gunfire and extend your own life and thus your usefulness.

When you find yourself on a flank where no enemies are present, be very worried and take a close look at your map. Generally one of two things can be happening:

The enemy has formed a lemmingtrain and is pushing through (or about to push through) your other flank, or

The enemy hasn't yet arrived to the party on the flank you are occupying.

In any case, there are two possible courses of action for you to take:

  1. Continue steaming towards the enemy cap
  2. Turn towards your other flank in a way that you can cover your own cap or even possibly turn back into it

The decision will depend on how well the other flank is holding and how deep are you in your move. If you are 3/4 to your way to the enemy cap and the other flank is holding, push into the enemy cap. That will relieve pressure off the other flank and you'll be able to deal with the returning units in order of arrival.

If the flank looks iffy and you are halfway between the two, make for your own cap, etc. Lots of possible scenarios. You'll need to pay close attention to the map.


Point 2):


Don't sail alone if you can possibly help it. You are too slow to outrun an enemy... well, an enemy whatever that isn't another USNBB. Cruisers and DD's will make short work of you if they find you isolated. Since teamwork is seldom a thing in randoms on low tiers, the responsibility to sail with allies is entirely yours.


Now, this is up to and including T7.


At and above T8, the ships change drastically. You go from the slowest BB's to comfy - fastest-in-game - good. Those ships are much more flexible, and play way differently, but I won't really go into detail on those right now, mostly because I'm tired and because my experience with them is limited.


Anyway, happy sailing mate!:cap_like:

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