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We are actively recruiting like minded english speaking players.

we are predominantly from the UK but have people from all over the europe

Semi casual clan, though we made it to Typhoon league in S1 of clan battles. Aim to do so again or get to the hurricane league

so we are after a few more active players

Mainly active in the evenings  6 - 10pm GMT (though people are online outside those hours

Mature clan, age range 26 to 50+ (though exceptions are made to those outside that range)

Lots of banter, profanity etc

We still use Teamspeak, so have a working microphone

Daily division games

We have been around ingame since the start of open Beta.


So if your active most nights, dont mind using teamspeak (still), pm me in game _L_o_k_i

or join our teamspeak  IP:, No Password, someone will be along to meet you shortly.



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Good Morning fellow Captains. 

im Running CG2 the sister clan of CG itself. 

if your a relaxed captain with a house to take are of, and 50/50 casual-win oriented fan of the game,
Then we would like to get you in. 

What we offer:
-Facebook (planning/meetings/show-offs)
- Division game play
- English Speaking people!
-Clan matches when possible!

what we ask, 
-Division minded Captains,
-Beeing active on comms, 

We accept all tiers! and Captains as long as they are like minded with the askings stated above

if you are abcent for a while let us know, so we dont make room for other like minded captains. 

First come first serve!

look us up! 

Ingame: ThePhantomNL, Adyz
clan: CG2 Company gamers
(ingame)chat channel: =CG= Company gamers
Facebook: =CG= Compnay Gamers

hope to sail with you soon!

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