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Get Your Free Commander Skill Reset - Saturday, February 10, 20:00 CET

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If you have no interest in playing clan battles, but still wish to get the special bonuses, you can join our clan for a single battle this weekend.


What you need to do:

1. Send an in-game application to the Kosher Kossacks [KOKOS] clan.

2. Join the clan division Saturday at 20:00 CET with your tier X ship.

3. If you don't have a tier X ship, play one random battle with any tier VIII or IX, and a tier X rental will be provided for you.

4. Fight!


What you get for your one battle:

1. Free skill reset for all commanders until February 16

2. Free ship upgrade removal until February 16

3. Five of each special signal flag


No voice comms required. Anything you need to know will be typed in chat.


You are free to leave or stay with the clan afterwards - as you like. We have all the national +3% XP upgrades already built.


There may be an additional clan battle later on Saturday night and again on Sunday at 20:00 CET if there are enough players and a commander available.



Be a good sport!








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I will be nowhere in range of my computer that day to join you, but this appears to be a very nice action! Good luck and have fun!

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