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0.7.1 Controls Broken?

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Basically, keyboard controls have reset and you can't bind RMB any more to Artillery Camera (hotkey reserved). Free look can be bound to, say mouse thumb button (mouse 6).


This is a feature more familiar to WoT, for which I have custom mouse button mappings since zoom can't be a custom bound to, say RMB, like in normal fps games. There has to be a strange slav twist in your games WG?


This might be an intended feature or it might be a bug.

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I have always set my RMB to my Artillery Camera. Just the way that I like to play. Today when I logged on after update my controls were reset to default and now when I try to change RMB is says "Hotkey Reserved".  Even I delete the RMB as a free camera...  WoWS this is a game breaker for me. Anyone know of a work around for this? Right now I use the MMB but it's just strange, especially at quick close combat situations, it's just completely  broke my game play... :cap_rambo:


I'm very happy with the game and the update, but this only little thing just broke my mood...  :cap_fainting:It's annoying, please change it back!!!


Have a good one fellas! :cap_like:

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hello captains ..

i used the RMB binding for artillery camera on all games, therefore now i cant bind it after the last update on WOWS

so i hope that someone could find a solution for this issue and share it with us, or WG staff fix it back to what it used to be before the update.



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