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WTF is wrong with Zao credit wise?!

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My Zao stay in port not much used for a reason. 

Premium account, 1400 base XP, flag to reduce serice cost and what ... I get 35000 credits out of the game! 

This ship is bloody credit sink. 

I didn't notice such issue on Hindenburg and don't bother to get any other tire X ship to make some comparison and analysis on this matter.


Is it some unique feature of Zao ? Did I miss something? Or WG out of their greedy approach made all TX such credit sinks (my feeling of Hindenburg is wrong) to "convince" us to buy their cammo ? 

Maybe if they make it less credit sinks, more players will play it and Tire VIII ships would have easier life finally?





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No idea...I play without premium and I make profit in it

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Zao works just fine.

But looking at your stats I think your don't play her like she is intended to, you have a really low average damage, kill and win rate, this tell me you are not using her at max potential.


What I do with zao :

use her stealth to get close of dd's, and delete them when spotted, I support the dds of the team.

I tend to go on the flank where my team is pushed, she is incredible at kitting, then burn stuff.

Finally, the good old school island f3 torp ambush like a low tier US dd is still brutal on whatever is coming/parking behind islands.


Things to remember when playing zao :

High % of fire, troll armor, good torps, good gun range and good stealth. Use that to have a heavy weight on the game.

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