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The French Battleships - A Quick Recap

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7bbfc53033.pngThe French Battleship Tech tree - A Quick Recap


If you’ve been diligently paying attention to the other community contributor’s videos and streams, you will surely have noticed that the French BBs are just around the corner. We’re reaching the final phase of the testing and showcase. Please note, however, that these ships are still marked with the work in progress logo, and as such are still subject to change, however unlikely at this point it might seem.
Without further ado, I will summarize, in brief blurbs my experience with the new ships. We’ll start at tier 3 and work our way up.




Tier 3 – Turenne


Turenne is a quite healthy tier 3 BB. She’s got a similar gun loadout to Kawachi and Nassau (1 front and aft, 2 each on port and starboard aka “Diamond”). Not too much to say because we won’t be on this tier for long. She’s definitely a fresh looker with the 5 smokestacks. Slightly more susceptible due to HE because of this, though.






Tier 4 – Courbet


A solid tier 4 BB. A gun on each side has been moved. She now has only one gun turret per side and two front and aft. Aft midsection is only 19mm of armour, quite a big weakness. In terms of speed she is almost as slow as the last ship (21 knots).







Tier 5 – Bretagne: The Doppelgänger


In terms of Armour and Maneuverability, this ship is a carbon copy of the Courbet – even her hitpoints only go up by 700! Instead of having 1 gun for each side though, the mid section now has a single turret on the superstructure, able to fire in both directions. Bretagne also receives 340mm guns, as well as a very good AA suite at tier 5.





Tier 6 – Normandie: Ugly Duckling


First ship to field quad guns in the line. Also the first ship to have a decent maximum speed of 29.5 knots. She’s not got a lot of superstructure, but where she does, it’s quite tall and an easy target to hit. Susceptible to plunging fire due to the large, flat deck. Good armour on the side (except bow and aft). All the good AA from the last tier have seemed to have evaporated.






Tier 7 – Lyon: The Shotgun
c6120f7784.jpgLyon is a bit of a hit and miss (get it?). She’s got a preposterous amount of guns, four sets of 4 guns, and mediocre accuracy. Hence the name “Shotgun”. She’s not particularly fast at 27knots, and her armour leaves to be desired (then again, not many tier 7 ships can say they have good armour). But her quite amusing gunplay makes up for these shortcomings. She’s generally enjoyable to play. She’s also the first ship to receive proper AA in the line.






Tier 8 – Richeshecheushe Richelieu


Richelieu is a lot like what we’re used to from the Dunkerque. She’s got quad guns in two forward turrets, decent secondaries on the aft and side. She has a very comfortable top speed of 30.4 knots and finally gets the French speedboost. Her Survivability is okay-ish. She Receives mostly 32mm of armour all round, which is nice.





Tier 8 – Gascogne


Imagine a Richelieu. Now imagine that ship with one of the guns moved to the aft section of the ship. Now you have a Gascogne (of course you shouldn’t trivialize it like this).
Gascogne performs solidly, as the Richelieu does. She does however, suffer a bit from bad angles towards the front on the B gun.





Tier 9 – Alsace: The Sauce


Alsace is everything great about the French ships combined. She’s got speed, good gun characteristics and range, as well as good AA and a very good torpedo protection. She is, however, very big, and not the healthiest. Another downside to Alsace is the 380mm guns, preventing her from overmatching cruiser armor effectively.





Tier 10 – France


France loses a turret while remedying Alsace’s biggest downsides: Health, and low calibre guns.
France receives 431mm guns in two quadruple gun turrets (surprised?), as well as 18000 extra hitpoints. She also gains about 6 kilometres of gun range, so you can support your team more effectively from the flank ;)







To Summarize:

French battleships tend to be quite large, boasting unusual amounts of guns per turret. The consumable gimmick (which starts at tier 8) is the improved engine boost. At low tier, French BBs have a considerable amount of turrets, while high tier BBs have more barrels but less turrets per battery. Another aspect of French battleships seems to be the relatively low calibre for their tier, limping behind the Germans by at least one tier.
Nevertheless the Ballistic characteristics of these guns feel very good. They don’t bleed a lot of speed after leaving the barrel, with a decent initial velocity of mostly around 800m/s.
As you move through the tiers, the secondary and AA batteries become very strong as well.
Most of these ships were quite enjoyable to play, with the only one that I’d say worth skipping being either one of the tier 4 or 5 ones. Other than increased gun calibre, they don’t feel that much different, and having to grind extra time on the same ship is a bit tedious in my opinion.



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Think I will like tier 7 and tier 9 .

And only them....:Smile_amazed:

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