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Missouri implications

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how much of an "arms race" re: Missouri do you expect, how much of it is already happening? Is there a site where you can check how many players have bought certain ships? The numbers have to be available, after all it would appear they are needed to compute a lot of the percentages on sites like https://eu.warships.today/


As I've said before, I'm a super bad player, but even I have currently 190,000 Free XP burning a hole into my monitor ;-) and being a confirmed wallet warrior, shelling out € 70 or whatever is not something I'd rule out from the start, and if there's really roughly three more weeks left, even I will be able to whittle the outlay down to something even more manageable, although I'm still in two minds if I even want to get her.

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The number of Missouris in game increased massively over the past months.

And since she'll depart soon, people will spend money to get her. I am not aware of websites that show how much ships have been sold, however once a certain treshold is achieved, the ship appears on every stats site. IIRC, Maple Sirup was the only site that able to show something like that, but i never felt the need to look at stats myself.


Is she worth it? Absolutely. Is she better then Musashi? Absolutely.

If you wanna get her and are able to throw money at your screen by having lots of disposable income, then yes: just do it. She may never return, but then, never is a long time. ^^

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Hi as Jethro already said:

Since Missouri is a great ship, she is going out of sale and it could be the last chance to get her: do it


One thing is to note here though. You are not yet at T9 with any ship, since your highest one is T7.

The jump from T7 to T9 is pretty big gameplaywise. So you will face T10s for the first time and the learning expirience could be a steep one. 



For your other question:

The numbers of aquired premium ships is not openly available. No Stat site has these numbers.

You can only make a rough estimation with the sources we have openly available.


The warships.today site has sadly become an unreliable source because it had a lot of downtime in the past monts and was unreliable


The best sources are https://wows-numbers.com/  and http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/index.html


Wows numbers is similar to warships.today and also uses a database which consists of every player ever searched on the site. So not every player is in there.

Maplesyrup collects data trough the mainpage profiles but only has the data for 1 week or 2 months each


On wows numbers you can see that there have been 1.6 mio games played with the Missouri and 10.900 players have at least 40 games in her.




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