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Can you explain the differences in premium offers and in weekly missions etc between regions?

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Dear WoWS/Wargaming people,


i have been wondering for a while now, ever since the links on the site often link me to asia or us instead of eu (where i am at) without noticing, that the offers in premium shop are so very different.

And not only those, but even more anoying,.. the missions and bonusses are also different. For US for example there are weekly weekend bonusses on certain countries being played or bought.. while on EU there is none of that.. why is this..


Do you allready earn enough from EU without that or dont you earn enough ? I think if there was a more similar treatment for all regions it could net you even more in the end. I found myself wanting to buy an offer that was on a different region more then once but since none existed anywhere remotely similar i decided against it. Same about playing the game more consistently.. if there is more incentive to play each weekend by filling special missions im sure people will.. and therefore spend more.


so tldr: the main question is: why are there so many differences between region offers, missions and bonusses.


kind regards,


cpt. T

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Each WoWs server has a separate profitability margin depending on the region it's dedicated to and usually located. Those servers are an investment starting out and heavly depend on traffic of paying costumers to sustain themselves. Any game server has to haw a certain consitency of traffic to be healthy for both f2p and p2p. So recruitment campaigns with a lot of starting bundles are most common on underpopulated servers. Months of low traffic are usualy followed by bargain sales and event chains. Marketing itself throws out bonus codes or accout reactivation prizes just to spread the word and gather feedback. 

So EU servers tend to haw the most whale spenders due so many nations in europe being part of WWI and II. Considering timezones, EU sees way more traffic from around the world due it's consistency. And lastly EU is the most densely populated  area, so why do you wonder they dont hand out so much stuff for free? At least you can be sure that globaly accepted holidays and  events are same on all servers.


Now regional specific premium ships, tanks...; you name it; only accessible on those server is a marketing trick to add extra flair if the regions culture alovs it. For example in China you could sell literal powercreep. Duno why they are so acceptant of that,.. must be the hive mindset i guess.


For your consideration @TomyGuns


We haw a competition running from February 3rd till May 2nd and it would really be helpfull if you would choose and mark one post as the best answer.


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its not possible to have it completely united.

for example the offers are in quite some cases related to each nations specific holidays or celebrations.

and since those differs a lot... u get the picture


putting those aside, the nowadays situation is rather good, since the mayor events are in most of the cases same for all regions

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WG has divided his marketing offers between regional offices. Each regional office has a bunch of promos and events that he can schedule according to the specifics of the regional calendar : Russia has a holyday for the defense of the nation, EU celebrates Bastille Day, NA goes for Thanksgiving.





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